My friend, the good years of our lives -- the healthy ones, when we're feeling great and loving life, we're productive, happy to be alive and able to do the things we want -- are just too damn short

Then we get old, sick and die -- much too soon.

Our team of top scientists, PhDs, MDs, skilled technologists and I are out to change that.

My names Johnny Adams.  I lead the Carl I. Bourhenne Medical Research Foundation, an IRS approved non-profit.

Our mission is to create new biomedical technologies to slow and ultimately reverse aging so we can live a lot longer and in great health.

I’m talking 80, 100, ultimately 120 years and beyond. 

Not sick and feeble in some nursing home -- but strong, clear minded and full of life.   

We target aging because when we get older it's the greatest risk factor, and underlying cause of multiple diseases.  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke -- they're all diseases of aging.   It's the biggest reason we get sick, feel achy and bad, or even miserable, may go bankrupt from paying all our money to doctors and hospitals, often become bedridden and dependent on others -- and ultimately, the big sleep.  

Aging is a huge and multi-faceted, but solvable problem.   We have some solutions now, others are under development.

There are tremendous humanitarian benefits to our mission -- for the elderly (or soon to be), their caregivers, families, and all of society.

People suffer as they grow older and older.  And members of their families pay the price as they helplessly witness the slow decline of the ones they love.   They often experience terrible caregiver stress.  I know, because I've experienced these.  The aging population is becoming a huge burden on all of society.   That burden is increasing with what has been called The Silver Tsunami. 

You can be part of the solution.

It's exciting and fun to be in the center of biomedical innovation, working with top researchers and solutions creators from around the world to solve the problem of aging. 

You can be right here in the inner circle with me.

This is not some "Low T" infomercial, or anti-aging skin crème, phony youth potion, or some other questionable material that probably lands in your inbox every week. 

This is the real deal.  And so am I.  I've been working on solving the problem of aging since the 1970s and making great progress.

Professionals in our network in the U.S. and around the world are passionate and determined to make much longer, vigorous quality lifespans and healthspans happen soon enough for us to take part.  You and the ones you love can benefit. 

If this is something you can get excited about, and you will help our community advance on solving aging, then I'll want you to contact me personally. 

I need your support to continue our research and solutions development.  Your support could be financial, in the form of a tax deductible gift to the foundation -- or any other way you can help such as volunteering your time and talents, or introductions to others who will get excited and support our mission.

Why this is important to you:

You and the ones you love will have the potential to live a whole lot longer - and in great health

You’ll have access to inside information. I’ll be in frequent contact with the latest advances.  If you wish, you'll become a member of our email discussion forum -- an insider group, and dynamic communication tool connecting aging solutions creators, supporters and others advancing our mission

You’ll be among the first to hear about, and take advantage of new medical aging solutions as they are created

This benefits all of humanity.   People will be far better off as a result.

You can call me at (949) 922-9786.  Email is JAdams -at-


Our Main Web Page Combined With The Three Documents Linked Below Describe Our Core Concepts.
PLEASE READ the web page and 1-3 below to Understand Why Our Methods Are Innovative and Highly Effective:
Web Site
1) Self Directed Age Management / Small Study Format
2) Biomarkers and objective measures of aging therapies -- practical, at a reasonable cost
3) Therapies Planned As Part Of My Own Self Directed Age Management Research WHAT ARE YOURS?  Let me know at JAdams -at- AgingInterventionFoundation . org

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To help with reach our goal – and personally benefit from it
Call me at (949) 922-9786.
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